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· 2 min read
Michal Nowikowski

The Kraken version 1.0 introduces even more improvements in logging.

The major changes are:

  • added global and per-branch logs retention policy
  • added presenting logs of server-side activities related to a branch, a flow, a run and a job

1.0 release brings several more features - check the release notes.

More details about the major features are below.

· 3 min read
Michal Nowikowski

The Kraken version 0.1126 introduces much improved logs handling and presentation.

The standing-out features connected with logs are:

  • single-line and multi-line secrets masking
  • coloring ANSI codes
  • no issue with handling huge logs containing even more than 10.000 lines
  • switching timestamps on/off
  • auto scroll when at the bottom
  • paging logs

And the new features introduced by this Kraken version:

  • job logs are split by steps sections in UI
  • steps status and metadata presented at the top of each step logs section
  • download a step log

More details are below.

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

CCTray is a protocol that allows users to fetch the current state of a branch using dedicated clientes.

Kraken CI exposes a URL for a given branch that can be put to such a client. This URL is available on a branch management page, in the Status Badge & CCTray tab:

These feature landed in 0.1097 version and is documented in notifications docs docs.

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

Till now, Kraken CI relied on pretty old versions of Clickhouse and MinIO. In the latest Kraken CI release, both have been upgraded.

Clickhouse has been upgraded from to The migration is seamless from the Kraken CI point of view. There is no need for explicit data migration.

MinIO has been upgraded from RELEASE.2020-12-18T03-27-42Z to RELEASE.2022-10-24T18-35-07Z. The major visible change is the names of environment variables that hold credentials. Previously they were MINIO_ACCESS_KEY and MINIO_SECRET_KEY, now they are MINIO_ROOT_USER and MINIO_ROOT_PASSWORD, respectively. Values of these variables may stay the same; they do not need to be changed.

These changes landed in 0.1091 version.

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

There has beed developed an addition to users management: authentication against external authentication servers using either LDAP or OpenID Connect with OAuth.

LDAP allows administrator to connect Kraken system to corporate LDAP or Active Directory. OIDC & OAuth beside bringing another source of users' identity it also provides Signe Sign-On scheme.

This features landed in 0.1047 version and is documented in identity providers docs.

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

Users management is a basic functionality that allows for adding users and assigning roles to them. This translates to users authatication and authorization. In case of Kraken CI, this is described on users docs pages. This feature landed in 0.1037 version.

· 2 min read
Michal Nowikowski

Kraken Agent can be deployed in multiple ways. Here is presented a new way that leverages Docker Compose. It is not scalable as such agents are run on the same machine but it is quick and simple and if we need just to have one or two more agents this is a way to go.

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

There is a new way for extending Kraken CI: custom tools. A tool in Kraken CI provides particular functionality that is used in steps in a workflow schema. Till now, there were only built-in tools like git for checking out source code from Git repository, or artifacts for storing or retrieving files from Kraken global storage or finally shell for running commands in a shell.

Custom tools allow for developing such tools by third parties, sharing them with others and installing and using them in Kraken Server.

· 3 min read
Michal Nowikowski

The job designer (#171) is the main feature in 0.962 release.

Besides that, it contains:

  • support for multiline shell scripts and selecting shell executable (#183 and #184) charts
  • new chart showing flows duration in a branch (#173)
  • multiple new base docker images for various programming languages
  • split results chart to pass ratio chart and passed/total chart (#187)

More information about these changes is below.