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Kraken CI

The same features as in other CI/CD platforms and tools but this time with emphasis on Testing.

Mission: deliver a modern, open-source, on-premise CI/CD system
that is highly scalable and focused on testing.
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Pass or fail? More

Failures are boring, now observe regressions and fixes, see behavior of test cases over time on charts. Look at changes, compare with previous results. Unstable tests are automatically identified and marked.

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More dimensions to results

Performance testing, obviously. Now with support for multiple iterations, statistic analysis (avg, median, stdev, cv and more). And with automatic regression detection.

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Dynamic tests distribution

Execution machines are fully utilized. We use dynamic division of your tests content and spread it to many machines to provide a feedback to you as quickly as possible.

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Realtime insight into product quality

Quality of each build is clearly visible through dashboards and evaluated against release criteria. Release tools can be integrated into the workflow, so qualified builds are ready to go to the customer.

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Efficient and standardized pre-commit testing

Reduced risk of regressions. Developers can test their code with the same tests that are used for product validation. No need for expensive individual bench test environments.

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Broad spectrum of execution environments

Testing on a standard hardware is easy. What about automated testing on unstable pre-production hardware platforms? Or in an simulation environment, when real hardware is expensive or does not exist? And with a variety of automatically deployed operating systems.