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Further Logging Improvements

· 2 min read
Michal Nowikowski
Kraken Founder. I’m software engineer focused on full-stack programming and improving software processes.

The Kraken version 1.0 introduces even more improvements in logging.

The major changes are:

  • added global and per-branch logs retention policy
  • added presenting logs of server-side activities related to a branch, a flow, a run and a job

1.0 release brings several more features - check the release notes.

More details about the major features are below.

Logs Retention Policy

The logs retention policy generally indicates how long logs should be kept in the logs store ie. Clickhouse. It is possible to set these policies on two levels: 1) global and 2) branch level. The time is expressed in a number of months.

The picture below shows the General Settings tab where under the Global Log Retention Policy section, it is possible to set the number of months for how long all the logs (from Kraken Server and all Agents) will be kept in Clickhouse.

The following picture shows the Retention Policy tab on a branch management page. Here, a similar policy can be set for logs related to this branch, either for CI flows or for Dev flows.

Server Logs Presentation

New logs panel has been introduced. It can show logs from both the server and agent sides. This panel can be found in several places that are indicated in the pictures below.

Here a branch management page is presented with the Logs tab where logs related to this branch are shown.

Here is the case for a flow.

Here is the case for a run.

And a job case.