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Custom Tools

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski
Kraken Founder. I’m software engineer focused on full-stack programming and improving software processes.

There is a new way for extending Kraken CI: custom tools. A tool in Kraken CI provides particular functionality that is used in steps in a workflow schema. Till now, there were only built-in tools like git for checking out source code from Git repository, or artifacts for storing or retrieving files from Kraken global storage or finally shell for running commands in a shell.

Custom tools allow for developing such tools by third parties, sharing them with others and installing and using them in Kraken Server.

Custom Tools Details

Docs for custom tools first present the whole architecture of Kraken CI with Agents and tools. Then the interaction between Kraken Agent and a tool is shown with an example tool. The following sections show how to declare a custom tool and add it to Kraken Server so it can be used in workflows. It is also presented how to develop custom tools locally, under the desk.