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Webhooks for GitLab and Gitea

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

The latest release 0.753 release brings support for webhooks for 2 new Git hosting services: GitLab and Gitea.

Quick Start guide shows how to install Kraken CI.

Webhooks Guide shows how to use webhooks, now in GitLab, Gitea and GitHub.

Webhooks allows for triggering a flow in a branch. The webhook may come now from 3 Git hosting services: GitLab, Gitea and GitHub. There are two kinds of webhook events supported: push and pull request (in the case of GitHub and Gitea) and merge request (in the case of GitLab). A push even to a given branch causes a CI flow to be started. If this is a pull request or a merge request, then a DEV flow is started. If a workflow schema checks out sources from this repository, a version indicated in the push or the pull/merge request is checked out.

The Webhook Guide shows how to configure webhooks in a project, and then how to configure a Git hosting service. In the end, checking out the repository in the workflow schema is presented.