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Testing Frameworks

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

There have been added three articles in the Kraken's documentation about integration of testing frameworks with Kraken CI:

The latest release 0.698 release brings also a new feature: collecting, storing and presenting custom generated reports in e.g. HTML.

Quick Start guide shows how to install Kraken CI.

Testing Frameworks

The articles about testing frameworks shows how to use well known frameworks like JUnit, Pytest and RobotFramework inside Kraken CI. There are presented stage workflow schemas with steps that:

  1. execute the tests using particular framework
  2. report results to Kraken server
  3. store generated custom reports on Kraken server

Custom Reports

The latest release 0.698 release allows now for storing and presenting custom reports in e.g. HTML format. The are available along current generic test case results page.

More details about step for storing reports can be found in the docs and example usage on RobotFramework example.