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Kraken Release 0.645

· 2 min read
Michal Nowikowski

The 0.645 release contains several new features and improvements and some fixes. The most noteworthy changes are:

  • added background steps
  • added support for Rocky Linux
  • replaced Celery with RQ for background tasks
  • upgraded Angular and PrimeNG to 12

Quick Start guide shows how to install Kraken CI.

The list of changes

The complete list of changes looks as follows.

Features & improvements:

  • added more details about RQ jobs on the diagnostics page
  • added changing name of branch in a repo
  • when run is being started then stage schema is refreshed from repo
  • added button for checking email and AWS settings
  • converted timestamps columns to be with timezone in Postgresql schema
  • converted all char(n) columns in db to text
  • added doing db backup during deployment


  • fixed deleting dangling agents with no AWS instance
  • added db rollback in watchdog in case of exception
  • improved checking agents vm to destroy
  • pytest tool: added check if collecting tests failed
  • fixed counting available agents
  • added detecting jobs with no agent and spawning them
  • improved creating system records
  • improved checking args to agent
  • improved pulling git repo in git tool

More details about background steps can be found in the documentation.