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Dark Mode in 0.945 Release

· 3 min read
Michal Nowikowski

The dark mode is the main feature in 0.945 release.

Besides that, it contains:

  • added a new tool values_collect that allows collecting values and then doing charts in UI based on them
  • added cleaning cache in MinIO
  • updated Go base image
  • added new base image for MLflow

More information about these changes is below.

Dark Mode

Now it is possible to look at Kraken CI web UI at night using dark mode.

If the dark mode is switched on in the browser that it will be automatically activated in Kraken CI web UI. Otherwise, it is possible to manually switch the dark mode on or off using the profile drop-down button in the top left corner of the screen (see below).

New Tool values_collect

When testing is being carried out by a Kraken agent, custom measured metrics can be returned besides test results. Now it is possible to just generate such measurements, store them in a JSON file and then load them to the Kraken server. Then they will be visible on a job results page and it is possible to display a chart based on these values.

The reported file should look like this (e.g. metrics.json):

"metric-1": 432,
"metric-2": 2.12,

The step that consumes these values should look like this:

"tool": "values_collect",
"files": [{
"name": "metrics.json",
"namespace": "metrics"
}, {
"name": "params.json",
"namespace": "params"
"cwd": "example"

The end results looks like that:

The whole example of workflow with collected results is present in Kraken lab: Check the steps definitions in branch management page and then check the charts on tests results page, in the charts tab.

Cleaning Cache in MinIO

The files that are always pulled to a build environmnt can be cached between builds, so they don't have to be downloaded from the internet each time. More about caching here.

The Current release introduces a feature that automatically removes old cached files. Now, after 10 days, these files are deleted from MinIO.

Changes in Base Images

The Go lang base image has been updated. The latest image contains Go in 1.18. The location of the image is: krakenci/golang:1.18.

There is also a new image with MLflow. It is available under: krakenci/mlflow.