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Autoscaling with Azure and AWS ECS

· One min read
Michal Nowikowski

The latest release 0.748 release brings a new public cloud in autoscaling features: Azure and AWS ECS.

Quick Start guide shows how to install Kraken CI.

Autoscaling Guide shows how to use autoscaling with Azure VMs and AWS ECS.

Maintaining a fixed number of machines for Kraken CI can be costly. If there is no high traffic of builds, then some machines sit idle and waste power. The solution to this problem is autoscaling ie. spawning machines with Kraken Agents dynamically depending on the current needs in the Kraken CI. If there is submitted a new flow with many building or testing jobs, then new machines are spawned. When the flow completes, machines are terminated and no costs are incurred.

The Autoscaling Guide shows how to configure access to Azure, then how to configure parameters and behaviour of spawned machines. In the end, the usage in job definitions is presented.