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Webhooks allows for integration between source code versioning system and Kraken. This way a push to Git repository may trigger a CI or a Dev flow. Currently the supported system is Github.

Webhooks configuration is located in a project web page, under Web Hooks tab. There is a switch that enables or disables receiving webhook requests from GitHub.

When GitHub webhook is enabled then there is provided a URL and a secret that should be set in GitHub project settings page for webhooks. This is<user>/<project>/settings/hooks.

On this page there are several fields that should be filled:

  • Payload URL - set to URL from Kraken that was mentioned above,
  • Content Type - set to application/json
  • Secret - take from Kraken, it was mentioned above.

In section Which events would you like to trigger this webhook? select Let me select individual events. and then check Pull requests and Pushes.

Now webhook can be saved. You may try to trigger testing request.