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Contributing to Kraken

We welcome any contributions to Kraken project. You can contribute to Kraken tool itself by submitting issues or providing code changes (read below) but also by improving Kraken's documentation and website.

Reporting Problems and Enhancements Proposals

Please search issue tracker on GitHub before creating a new issue (problem or an improvement request). Feel free to add issues related to the project.

Submitting Changes

If you feel that you can fix some problem in Kraken or implement some feature in Kraken yourself, please read a few paragraphs below to learn how to submit your changes and then read Development Guide.

  1. Pick an exsiting issue in the GitHub issue tracker or create a new one.
  2. Pull Kraken's sources and setup the development environment according to Development Guide.
  3. Prepare your changes and add some tests. You can skip adding tests if the effort to create tests for your change is unreasonable. Changes without tests are still going to be considered by us.
  4. Run tests and make sure all of them pass.
  5. Submit a pull request, referencing any issues it addresses.

We will review your pull request as soon as possible. Thank you for contributing!