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Pytest framework for Python language makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing for applications and libraries.

Integration with Kraken CI#

The following example shows how to execute Pytest tests in Kraken CI. The presented workflow stage does:

  1. pulls simple Python project,
  2. runs Pytests tests cases one by one, and each test case result is reported to the Kraken server.

It is expected that Pytest is already installed in the system.

def stage(ctx):    return {        "parent": "root",        "triggers": {            "parent": True,        },        "parameters": [],        "configs": [],        "jobs": [{            "name": "pytest",            "steps": [{                "tool": "git",                "checkout": ""            }, {                "tool": "pytest",                "cwd": "sample-project-python",                "params": "-vv",                "pythonpath": "src"            }],            "environments": [{                "system": "any",                "agents_group": "all",                "config": "default"            }]        }]    }

More details about pytest tool can be found in its docs section.